Hey, welcome to SVG Hubs discovery world Lesson 1.

If you’re an art, crafts, DIY decoration kind of person or maybe you just like to do quick crafts at home then a Cricut machine is a must have.  

What is a Cricut machine?

Basically, a Cricut machine is a cutting tool. I now know what you are thinking, a knife OR a pair of scissors can CUT too. But can they really cut through every single material you use?

For a more definite answer; A cricut machine  is a brand of cutting plotters or a computer controlled machine, designed for home crafters, that  can cut a variety of different materials ranging from paper, vinyl, card stick, thin wood, leather, fabric, and many more depending on the model you own.

  • It has a wide range of tools for cutting, scoring, writing and adding decorative effects to your liking. (All that in one machine?  Yes. Yes. Yes.)  Amazing right?
  • It allows you to create beautiful crafts with different materials. It literally grows with you.
  • It can create 3D projects, Ahuh! You read that right, 3D projects!!! . It just gets better and better… greeting cards, boxes name them

This guy is literally the machine just for you.

Let’s take another dimension and learn why a cricut machine is essential to you


You are probably weighing options and asking yourself whether you really need a Cricut machine and why a Cricut machine.

Take a cup of coffee. I’m going to give you just about enough reasons why you need that Cricut machine especially if you like quick crafts

Brace yourself, here is a list of why you need a cricut machine

  • For starters this machine can do lots of things. Scoring, writing, adding decorative effects, cutting and many others. All that on ONE SINGLE machine.  Aren’t you tired of assembling tools for a project? If you are then getting this awesome machine.
  • Remember the much energy you have to exert in using knives and scissors while cutting hard material and sometimes it just can’t cut? You can forget it all this once you get this machine. It cuts through papers, vinyl, card stick, thin wood, leather, fabric and others.
  • This machine dears can create 3D projects. What else are you looking for? 3D projects!!!! Accessories.
  • Your own made accessories. If you have the type sense of fashion that no one ever gets when it gets to accessories, then just get this machine and enjoy life and your fashion. Think of a Greeting card... No more running around in stores looking for the perfect card. With Cricut you just create it. 
  • Remember that crazy design t- shirt that you just can’t get anywhere? If you get this machine you can explore your world of fashion imagination by making easy tee designs like those at Dimepiece LA. Grab an SVG file, see samples here, load it on your cricut your imagination becomes a reality.
  • Cricut is computer controlled. This makes it easy for you, no engineering knowledge needing. It becomes a walk-in tee factory in your house

Ideally, you can’t go wrong by getting a Cricut. It’s a cheap worth expenditure. Join me on my next lesson as we explore on the different types of Cricut machine and the right choice.

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