Turning your cricut machine into a cash cow

The use of cricut has become increasingly popular over the years. The machine has made it easy to bring ideas to reality. As the demand for personalized products increases, there arises a demand for the services of a cricut. If you own a cricut machine and you would like to use it to make some extra income here are a few ideas.

cricut machine

Create and sell personalized items.

You can use the machine to create personalized items such as mugs, personalized shirts, door signs, car decors, and more. For instance, you can create a birthday shirt for kids customized with the kid’s name. Below is a sample of a personalized shirt.

personolized shirt 01

Sell ready stickers

Cricut is great for cutting vinyl for making stickers. You can make wonderful stickers that are ready to sell in craft stores.

christmas stickers

Shadow boxes

Cricut machine has a feature that allows you to create customized 3D shadow boxes that feature your design or quotations using a quilling tool and vinyl.  These Shadow boxes can be sold through online ecommerce websites such as Etsy and Amazon.

Branded merchandise

Collaborate with local small businesses such as gift shift shops and boutiques to offer personalized and branded merchandise. You can offer to fulfil on- demand orders where the business owners alert you when there is an order for a personalized or branded product.

branded merchadise 1

Educational materials

Teachers and tours often require visually appealing and interactive materials for learning activities. Cricut owners can tap this market and supply the materials to the institutions at a cost.

cricut in classroom 01

Card making and Scrapbooking

Cricut can do a number of paper crafts such as card making. Personalized cards have ready markets in gift shops, weddings and other events. This may attract substantial revenue.

Party and Event Decorations

The ability of the cricut to make personalized items offer a wide range of many making projects. Many events would definitely need banners, garlands and more. Having a cricut machine enables you to commercialize these personalized items.

party decors

Sell on POD stores

Look for trendy SVG files from online stores that sell SVG files and upload them on POD stores. You can quickly print the design with your cricut machine and supply the product in time to your customer whenever an order is made.

print on demand

Conclusively buying a cricut is a great idea if you are looking at making some extra money. Indeed, the Cricut machine may become your mainstream source of income.

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