How to Use SVG Files: Tips, Tricks & Ideas

In the period of development technology today, most of us know about the PNG or SVG definition, both two large files are used widely over the world and are important tools with everyone at work. Therefore, have you used the SVG files yet? If you know how to use SVG in the right way, your project will be finished early.

It will be so great for all what you wish when choosing SVG files for Cricut for looking for the beautiful images and using them in Cricut Design Space. Although how intricate your Cricut machine projects are, it will become much fun with SVG Files for Cricut. In case you have no idea how to use them reasonably, you have found the right place, this blog will give you how to use SVG files simply, keep reading till the end of the post, your expectation will be met.

What is an SVG File?

SVG is a graphic that is built by using vectors. For a beginner, a vector is an element of a specific size and direction. In terms of theory, you can create any type of graphics you wish by using a set of vectors. For example, a blue rectangle with a black outline and shadow:

If you know PNG – another type of image file that is used for both illustration and drawing. If you wish to copy similar things using vector graphics, you need to use XML code to generate.

If the browser you are using supports SVG files, you can take the XML code to drop into an HTML file, you can see a collection of rectangles similar to PNG. If compared to other formats, SVG files are more preeminent, they can bring a vast number of benefits, specifically SVGs’ capability is to retain image quality when you scale up them or down, you will be satisfied with SVG files because they will be supported at any resolution.

Steps to Create an SVG File

There are two ways for you to create an SVG file easily. Creating them from scratch, or Converting them from an existing image.

1. Manual Way

By using the design programs as well as saving the file out as an SVG, you can create an SVG file like other graphics. If you tend to create SVG Files manually, there are some modern graphic design tools that support SVGs for your references, such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Animate, and InDesign, Microsoft Visio, or Inkscape, and more.

In case you don’t know how to design graphics professionally, creating an SVG file as a challenge for yourself. The best way you should do in this case is to take existing images, then convert them into SVGs.

2. Convert Existing Images Into SVGs

You can refer to a lot of free tools on the market, they help you convert existing images from other formats into SVGs quickly without any efforts. As we mentioned above, all above the software can enable you to open and save your images as SVD files easily.

For example, Vector Magic may be the best choice for you because it helps you to convert all types of the file into SVGs, especially if you can preview your SVG files before downloading them.

If you are still confused when creating SVG files, you can refer to some of the online sites for designing digital files such as SVG Hubs, just spend a small amount of money and you can get your SVG files easily. Moreover, on this Halloween season, they provide many SVG Hubs coupons to help you save your money as much as possible.

3. How to Use an SVG File 

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In fact, SVG is not as difficult to use as we think. All the taps to add an SVG file to your website is as simple as grabbing its code and pasting in the HTML document where you show your images.

You can see the element if you access your website by using browsers that support SVG files. Animating SVGs is, of course, trickier as it compulsory requires the use of CSS.

Using a plugin like secure SVG is necessary for you when you wish to enable SVG support to upload your files directly to your sites. Many people choose the way of WordPress manually to enable SVG support but using a plugin will be considered safer.


Compared to what you imagine, adapting your website to use SVG files is much more simple. Nevertheless, if you want to design SVGs from scratch as well as select the suitable images to convert to the format, it will be your challenge. Don’t need to worry, there are a bunch of tools you can refer to in order to finish your project.

Taking advantage of some tools (Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and GIMP) right now, you can create new images and convert existing images into SVGs. 

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